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Reverend Terry Painter founded Abundant Hope Fellowship (AHF) in
1998. We are a Oneness Apostolic church, and our ministerial staff is
licensed by the United Pentecostal Church International.

The purpose of AHF is to provide our community with a Biblical church-
the kind of church congregation that God would have had in mind from
the very beginning of time.  Thus we strive to worship and live our lives
according to Biblical doctrine.  We make an honest attempt to pattern all
of our ministries on the Apostolic ministry of the New Testament church.  
We believe in the essentiality of true repentance and Jesus Name water
baptism; the supernatural infilling of the Holy Ghost, as initially evidenced
by speaking in tongues; the infallibility of the Holy Bible; the pursuit of
holiness in our public and private lives; the dynamic ministry of the gifts of
the Spirit; enthusiastic worship services; and we earnestly seek to be
bearers of the  love and compassion of God.

In order to promote spiritually healthy, well-balanced lives, AHF offers
two services a week.  The services are deliberately intended to teach and
encourage spiritual growth in Christ.  We have Sunday School teachers
for all ages; Children's Church and Youth Service on Wednesday night.  

Our services, however, are only part of the ministry of AHF.  The complete
Christian is an integral part of a body of believers.  Hence it is our hope
that we will be able to help you to follow the calling of God in your life.  
As one servant of Jesus to another, we will endeavor to provide you with
an opportunity to begin to serve those in need, according to your
unique gift and calling.  

Come, help us be a spiritual force, a light in dark times in the city of

Abundant Hope staff

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