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You have an opportunity to join a HUB Group at Abundant Hope!  HUB Groups are small groups of people with similar interests who get together and meet several times a month.  Activities include crafting,  walking and hiking, shopping and playing games.  Take a break from your daily routine to enjoy fellowship with friends with common interests. 

Sign up for a HUB group today!  See HUB Group descriptions below.


Our men's group meets every other Thursday for encouragement, support, fun and fellowship.  Men need to be around like-minded men to get through this life.  We help encourage one another with life situations, family advice and with workplace situations.  We  will also have in a Bible study during our group time.


This is a women's Bible study group that meets every other Thursday that will help us draw closer to God and who he is.

We will talk about our thoughts on specific topics.  As we move through the Bible,  we will grow closer to God and each other.  Through this group,  we will get to know one another better,  lean on one another for support,  grow in God's Word and have fun in the process.  We are women growing in God's Word.


Hope rocks is something the whole family can participate in.  We paint rocks and hide them around the Kitsap area.  When people find these rocks,  they post them to our Facebook page #hoperocks.  This is a fun and exciting way to hang out and get out of the house.  We meet weekly.


A friends group creating home projects such as the perfect recipe for flower planters and much more.


F.A.S.T starts for fun, active, and spiritually transformed. The group is for kids to get together, build relationships, dig deeper and discover Gods creation while having fun together. They will trail walk, visit parks, and beaches twice a month on Sunday afternoons.


Come and join our family every other Saturday night for dinner and games.  Bring your family, friends and any favorite game you have.


We will be drawing closer to God and learning more about our relationships with our spouses. We will watch "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage"  and learn about how to connect better with our significant other. We will also hang out.

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